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Flaming Limbo - Most Requested Dance!
Format: CD or Drums

Choreographed particularly to deliver 100% entertainment, this routine shows masculine and feminine prowess in competition, athleticism flexibility and drama. Greatest challenge - taking the bar to inches off the ground, going under the bar lit with fire. Incredible and excellent for audience participation, this routine speaks for itself  - it creates an ambiance that is a phenomenon for everyone!

Calypso - Vibrant & Colorful!
Format: CD or Drums

This routine highlights the beauty of Caribbean traditional art and culture with some complex but graceful movements filled with juvenile spirit. An energetic and strenuous choreography with sequences drawing up the resilience and flamboyance of the dancers. Celebrating the origins of Carnival, which evolved from masked balls held by French settlers, this routine is pure entertainment value.

Kumina/Shango/Rada - Dance of Spiritual Appreciation!
Format: Drums

A unique, entertaining and enticing ‘mixed grill’ this dance depicts the religious tradition of the Caribbean. Synchronizing their movements with the louder and more powerful drumming, the dancers vigorously go through dazzling movements somewhat depicting shivering like drills.  This explosion of intense action and energy is intercepted by a lull in the dance as the performers briefly slow down to start the cycle again by singing or starting a new drum rhythm. These rhythms not only blend to interpret traditional folk from various regions of the Caribbean but also conclude in the delight of a true cultural shock.

Bélé and Piqué - French Legacy Dances
Format: Drums

Ideally suited to the origin of the dancers for interpretation and cultural mix, Bélé pacifies you with mellifluous & graceful movements whilst Piqué excites you with dramatic, vibrant and flirtatious movements. Very versatile in presentation, both dances reveal all the glamour that could be expressed through the universal language of dance.

Coconut Woman – A Stylish Feminine Dance
Format: Compact Disc

The subtle but stylish dance movements portrayed in this choreography features the rewards that can be gained from possessing a coconut. Adorned with baskets and hats, the event is primarily social and a chance for people to express themselves and even flirt a bit through the dance. The graceful dance moves build pride and give thanks for good fortune among the coconut women.

Chutney - East Indian Calypso Rhythm
Format: Compact Disc

Involves high and sometimes moderate energy capturing elegance and style. East Indian costume and accessories beautify the dance from head to toe.

  • Caribbean Dances:  Limbo, Calypso, Kumina/ Shango/ Rada, Bele, Pique
  • West African Dances:  Mandiani, Sokou
  • Central African Dances:  Brakata, Soukouss / N’dombolo
  • Modern:  Incorporation of (MAB) Modern African Beat, Afro-Jazz
  • Afro-Latin:  Salsa, Mambo